Super Power Generator

This generator will pick five random super powers from a list of thousands of super powers.

Superhuman strength

Looking for a random super power? You've come to the right place. Our list of super powers has over a thousand different super powers, so you are bound to find the right one.

Super powers are paranormal abilities given to a character. There are four categories most super powers fall under:

  1. Idea : The core of idea powers are around a particular idea, such as time, or space. The character can control any aspect of this idea.
  2. Origin : Powers of origin are those that are based on where the power came from. These powers can have a multitude of applications. For example, powers could be magical or divine in origin.
  3. Function : Function powers are centered around what a character can do. These powers are usually verbs, such as flying, burning, or creating.
  4. Manipulation : Manipulation powers are about changing some aspect of reality, like manipulating metal or ice.

Our generator contains super powers from each of these categories. Keep clicking to get more random super powers.