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Lypso FL59

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How are planets named?

Most planets in our solar system are named after Greek or Roman myths, such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Outside of our solar systems, exoplanets (planets that orbit other suns), don't have a strict naming convention, according to the International Astronomical Union. They recommend that planet's have an astronomical name and an approved name.

The astronomical name follows the pattern:

  1. A proper noun or abbreviation, sometimes with associated numbers
  2. Followed by a lowercase letter

An example would be 18 Delphini b, a planet orbiting the start 18 Delphini.

The approved name is usually one word. For example, 18 Delphini b's approved name is Arion, an ancient Greek musical genius.

How does this generator work?

This planet name generator creates computer generated names that sound similar to the names of actual planets. Some of the planets have letters and numbers appended to the end.