Gamertag Generator

Get the perfect gamertag with tens of thousands of possibilities.


Our gamertag generator will generate five gamertags at a time. Click generate to get more gamer tags.

What’s a gamertag?

A gamertag is your gaming name in the Xbox world, or on other gaming platforms like PlayStation and Steam.

The gamertag represents you in the gaming world and lets other gamers identify you.

What are examples of some good gamertags?

Good gamertags are memorable, unique, and identify something about your personality. Here are some badass ones:

  • FightClubSwitch
  • BulletChaser
  • SharpSword
  • BigHeroNow
  • SweetSniper

How to come up with an awesome gamertag?

Gamertag usually fall into two categories. They are either a completely made up name (like Erodia) or they are an amalgamation of multiple words (like IndominusFox).

Our gamertag generator will generate both types of gamertags. Keep generating until you find one you like! There are hundreds of thousands of possiblities!