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How does our generator work?

Large, serpentine and imposing figures, dragons deserve a name as formidable as they are. These mythical creatures have been depicted throughout history and across cultures, and are typically portrayed with reptilian and avian features, scaly skin, four legs with clawed feet, a tail, and a sharp jaw full of sharp teeth.

Our generator creates dragon names based on dragon names used in books, video games, and movies, their personalities, elemental properties, geographical origin, physical attributes, powers, and gender.

Types of dragons

In pop culture, dragons have been characterized by a variety of traits.

  • Color: Color classification of dragons is used in Dungeons & Dragons. Chromatic dragons come in a range of colors: brass, copper, bronze, silver, gold, white, black, green, blue, and red.
  • Elemental: Elemental dragons take on properties of the natural elements: fire, water, ice, air, earth, and more. These dragons may have powers derived from their elemental properties. For example, fire dragons might be able to create flamethrowers with their breath. Ice dragons might breathe an icy breath that can freeze enemies.
  • Geography: In the Harry Potter series, dragons are categorized based on their geography (as well as color). For example, the Common Welsh Green Dragon, Norwegian Ridgeback, Chinese Fireball, Hebridean Black, Hungarian Horntail, and the Ukrainian Ironbelly.