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How does our generator work?

Our generator analyzes the names of various countries and uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine commonalities and patterns, and generates new similar sounding countries.

Some country names will also include prefixes and suffixes used in the real world, such as “Republic of” or “United.”

How are countries named?

There are around 200 or so countries in the world. The number ranges depending on the source. For example, the United Nations recognizes 251 countries, while the United States recognizes 195 countries.

The names of these countries generally fall within a few categories:

  1. Named after a historically significant person: Some countries are named after a person who may have discovered or founded the country, or had an influential impact on the direction of the country.
    • The United States of America is named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci.
    • Columbia is named after Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.
    • Turkey is named after the Turkish people.
  2. Named after a tribe or ethnic group: For example, the name France comes from the Latin word ‘francia,’ which means ‘realm of the Franks.’
  3. Named after a key geographical feature: These countries are named after topographical feature like the shape of the land or the local flora and fauna.
    • Niger is named after the Niger River.
  4. Named after the direction the country faces: For example, Norway’s name means ‘north way’ in old Norse.
  5. Named after an important ideology In the case of France, the name of the Franks, after which France is named, stems from the Old French word ‘franc,’ which means ‘free, noble, sincere.’ It is believed that the meaning of free was used because the Franks were free after the conquest of Gaul.

How do you come up with a country name?

Fictional countries in literature and films often take existing countries and change the prefix or suffix.

For example, Genovia (Europe), Kyrzbekistan (Central Asia), Edonia (Eastern Europe). Genovia sounds like European countries, Romania and Bulgaria. Kyrzbekistan sounds like Kazakhstan. Edonia sounds like the Eastern European countries Estonia.

There are also common prefixes to some country names that you can add to make the country sound more like a real world country. For example:

  • United
  • People’s Democratic Republic
  • Central
  • Democratic People’s Republic
  • Republic of

If your fictional country is located in a particular geography, you might want the country name to sound similar to other countries in the region.